Video installation and walking tour, 2020
Artist Tutorial (4 min 27 sec):
Audio part:
The audience was invited to participate in the Micro-rebellions walking tour after they finished watching the tutorial. 
The Healing Power of Micro-rebellion shows an attitude toward violent revolution. The way to overthrow a form of the regime in exchange for freedom through violent revolution does not guarantee the intended result. Learned from the lessons of history, there will always be new forms of governing power. It is not about demonizing any system or glorifying it, but examining it with honest intent. That same idea is to envisage a time period in which we’re living and to find the right balance. 
In this work, the audiences were placed in a real-time situation to experience and feel their anger toward the infrastructure in the city and turn it into active behavior. However, the action of throwing fake bricks does not cause any damage to the system. We hope to lead the audience to achieve a sense of sublimation in the action of meaningless destruction, and to reach a state of physical and mental unity.
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